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Elegant Commercial Control systems

Welcome to the elegant Touch Lite Automation - Commercial Control Systems for Profound Private Clients. We create systems uniquely for each client on individual basis. Our system features

  • Bespoke boardroom installations
  • Simplified Video conferencing
  • High End Light control system
  • Modified Temperature control system
  • Digital signage solutions

Our office is located in Noida. You can have look at our galleries and case studies for samples of our work.  Our control systems for home automation includes elements like sensors, controllers and actuators to facilitate better mechanism, light control and heat control. These various elements and their usage are embedded together to develop high quality commercial control system.

Bespoke Boardroom Installations  

The boardroom installations developed by us guarantee the board members to communicate with modern technology with an ease. Our well-designed control systems provide the chairman with the control essential to conduct video conferencing and facility to the members to connect their laptops in order to share their respective presentations by seating comfortably in their place. By planning and working in accordance with the tables and seats providers and interior designers, we ensure the boardroom reflects the superior standard of the company giving the members a plush feel.

Simplified Video Conferencing
Our highly simplified video conferencing system helps to manage the screen by a mere button press of the remote control. The benefits of video conferencing can be experienced in various areas like auditoria, presentation suites and boardrooms.
High End Light Control Systems

Our light control systems prove to be quite convenient and economical. It minimizes the energy consumption of the building, to a large extent. Lights automatically get switched off if room is unoccupied or natural light is quite enough while in use. Dimming system facilitates better focus on presenter and convenient screen view.

Modified Temperature Control Systems

Implementation of modified control systems for home automation for commercial use plays a significant role for better comfort of corporate crowd. Temperature control system helps to measure the change of temperature of any room and get it adjusted to a desired temperature. Our improved temperature control system provides to control cooling and heating of any room from the central location.

Digital Signage Solutions

Our digital signage solutions are a great sigh of relief. We have capacity to install system which guarantees you to manage multiple screens from a single PC. This facilitates the concerned person to display same content on all screens or different content on each screen as per the requirements. Welcome message can be displayed in the reception of your company and screens in cafeteria can flash important information for the employees as well as visitors in a similar manner.

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