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Smart Home Automation Systems Installations
Convenient to use Lavish Home Automation Systems
Smart Home Automation Systems of Touch Lite Automation are capable to control any electrical device in the home in convenient manner and preserving the energy simultaneously. A single user friendly interface is able to control a large number of subsystems, without initial training and any kind experience. The systems generally include:
    • Heating and Air-Conditioning Control
    • Mood Lighting inside the houses
    • Completely Integrated Security Systems
    • CCTV with High Definition
    • Curtain and Blind Control
Installing one of our home automation control systems allows all the above electrical systems to be controlled by one easy to use touchpanel. Our team are trained to produce touchpanels which are easy to use and can be operated without any training. We can set up pre-programmed actions which ensure when the alarm is set that the lighting replays your previous activity (simulating occupancy) or the heating drops a few degrees until you return home. We can even allow control from an iPhone allowing you to change the heating from anywhere in the world, even pre-warming the sauna after a hard days skiing.
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